Report of coyotes in Milton has Town reminding residents of safety measures


Published March 27, 2023 at 9:37 am

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With the weather warming up and spring finally here, Milton residents are being reminded how to co-exist with coyotes that live in many wooded areas within, and bordering, the town.

A report of a coyote attack on a wild animal in the Wilmot neighbourhood, near Milton District Hospital, made its way to, but a town spokesperson didn’t have any information about it.

“We have been unable to verify the report of the coyote sighting,” said Rob Faulkner, who works in the Town’s public relations department.

“We do not collect data on sightings as we direct residents with reports to contact the federal, not-for-profit Coyote Watch Canada.”

Last summer and fall there were a spate of coyote sightings across the region, as well as several attacks on humans in Burlington.

Coyotes are usually wary of humans and avoid people whenever possible, however, they are wild animals and contact should be avoided. Most negative coyote interactions are preventable.

Residents can discourage coyotes from entering their property by:

  • Never feed or leave food out for a coyote
  • Store garbage, compost and pet food in a place coyotes cannot access
  • Supervise animals when they are in the yard.
  • Cats should not be permitted to roam freely
  • Clean up after your dog, coyotes are attracted to dog feces

If you encounter a coyote on your property or when out for a walk:

  • Practice hazing to let the coyote know they are not welcome
  • Appear aggressive: stand tall, wave your arms, shout, clap your hands and make a lot of noise
  • Keep pets attended and on leash
  • Do not turn your back on, or run from, a coyote
  • If you see pups or suspect there are pups in the area or if the coyote is not easily frightened away, keep your dog on a short leash, pick up small pets and children, and back away from the area
  • Do not leave food waste in park garbage as this may attract rodents and coyotes

If you see a coyote or a sick or injured animal on public property, and would like to report it, contact Coyote Watch Canada.

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