Residents of Halton Hills well pleased with life, survey results show


Published November 21, 2023 at 2:25 pm

If you live in Halton Hills you are pretty satisfied with life these days.

That’s what the results of a recent survey conducted by the Town reveal.

A large majority of those who took part in the survey said they were satisfied with life (about 87 per cent) with most indicating they were satisfied with the municipal services that were available to them (again, about 87 per cent).

Results were collected both online and through random telephone interviews.

The survey asked a broad range of questions with answers showing there was not too much to complain about.

Residents also indicated they were satisfied with the work of the fire department, paramedics, access to parks and greenspaces, policing, community festivals and education. Significantly, people feel safe in the community.

Areas where residents would like to see improvements are more access to entertainment and recreation programs, controls are growth, the availability of affordable housing and road maintenance and repairs.

After the survey, the Town arranged a focus group of 22 individuals to gain more insight into some of the issues that were raised. Concerns raised by this group centred on the impact on services of a growing population, future impacts of climate change, the need for transportation options in rural communities and the need for affordable housing.

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