Reverse Bill 23, Oakville Community Association asks province in letter


Published September 22, 2023 at 5:02 pm

Bill 23 Build Homes Faster Act Oakville Communities Association letter Planning Act
In light of Ontario Premier Doug Ford's confirmation that they are putting land back in the Greenbelt, the Oakville Community Association has penned a letter to the Premier asking him to also reverse Bill 23, the More Homes Build Faster Act. INHALTON PHOTO

The Oakville Community Association (OCA) has penned a letter to Ontario Premier Doug Ford suggesting Bill 23, the More Homes Build Faster Act, be rolled back and reversed the same way the sale of Greenbelt lands to developers was on Thursday (Sept. 21).

In the letter, the OCA pointed out that Bill 23, which was passed in Nov. of 2022, was rushed through the legislature with “no clear thought” given to specific circumstances or individual properties.

“We suggest that Bill 23 should be reversed in the same way as the recent admission by the government that it rushed its greenbelt decision,” read the letter signed by the OCA Board of Directors.

The significant interpretation changes to the Planning Act “will result in negative impacts that will be felt in Oakville and communities across Ontario,” said the OCA.

The key changes in Bill 23 were the requirement by municipalities to adopt zoning by-law amendments implementing policies identifying protected major transit station areas and associated maximum densities and minimum and maximum heights.

The OCA wrote that the Planning Act of Ontario, along with associated Provincial Policy statements, already provide a good framework for regulating and controlling development in the province.

“The Planning Act is sufficiently well worded to allow good planning practice to be maintained under a variety of circumstances, paying close attention to the specific nature of the land under development,” the letter read. “Bill 23 sets out rules which basically ignore such a practice, setting specific rules for a particular parcel of land.”

The OCA, established in the Fall of 2022, says its objective is representing the interests of Oakville residents and advocating for their concerns.

“Our Vision is to contribute to creating an engaged, safe, caring, and vibrant community where all residents enjoy a positive quality of life,” said the letter.

For a look at the full letter written by the OCA board, visit here.

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