Road Closures During CIBC’s Run for the Cure


There are some new road closures for residents of Burlington to be aware of. 

The 22nd annual CIBC Run for the Cure is happening on Sunday, Sept. 30.

This will result in some lane and road closures. 

According to the city, streets will reopen as soon as possible following the completion of the event. 

The city says that illegally parked vehicles in the event area will be tagged or towed in order to allow emergency access.

According to the city, the following road closures will take place from 10:15 a.m. to noon on the event day:

  • Seneca Avenue from Lakeshore Road to New Street
  • Pine Cove Road from Lakeshore Road to New Street
  • New Street from Drury Lane to Pine Cove Road
  • Guelph Line at Lakeshore Road and at New Street

The city also says the following traffic lane closures will be taking place from 10:15 a.m. to noon:

  • Lakeshore Road from Seneca Avenue to Pine Cove Road westbound and centre lane closed. The eastbound lane will be kept open for traffic with no left turns along the event route.
  • Access to and from roads intersecting the event route will be unavailable.

The city says that residents in the area can get access to and from their driveways to cross the event route by contacting the event organizers at 905-336-5357 before or on event day. 

An escort vehicle will be sent to take vehicles through the closed section of the course.

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