See where cars were stolen or broken into in Burlington this week

Published May 19, 2023 at 5:08 pm

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Cars and their contents continue to be popular targets for thieves in Burlington as results from the Halton Regional Police crime map shows.

In the past seven days, 12 vehicles have been stolen across the city, while 12 others were broken into by those looking to quickly grab whatever they could find.

Here are the locations where the vehicles were stolen:

  • May 13 — North Service Rd.
  • May 14 — Clubview Dr.
  • May 15 — Harvester Rd. and Dundas St.
  • May 16 — Mainway, Fairview St., Upper Middle Rd., Queensway Dr. and South Service Rd.
  • May 17 — Mainway (two locations) and Donald Dr.

As for vehicle break-ins:

  • May 12 — Industrial St. and Guelph Line
  • May 13 — Pinedale Ave. (two locations)
  • May 14 — Argon Crt.
  • May 16 — Burloak Dr.
  • May 17 — Surrey Lane, Burloak Dr. and Mainway (two locations)
  • May 18 — Darien Rd. (two locations)

Most vehicles stolen are ‘reprogrammed’ thefts where the culprits enter the car and reprogram the ignition computers, this allows them to be driven away using a new key.

Typically, stolen vehicles are taken to the Port of Montreal or loaded into shipping containers in Toronto and transported to Montreal by rail. They are then shipped to destinations in the Middle East or Africa.

Police say there are measures that can be taken to decrease the chance of a vehicle being stolen or broken into:

  • Park your vehicle in a locked garage
  • Block the exit of a potential target vehicle with a second vehicle parked behind it
  • Install an on-board diagnostic blocker/protector
  • Install a steering wheel lock device
  • Install an aftermarket GPS tracking device
  • Install home security cameras on the exterior of the residence
  • Lock your car doors
  • Don’t leave valuables visible
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