UPDATED: Several Areas Affected by Power Outages Across Burlington


If you’re currently affected by a Burlington power outage, you’re not alone.

Over 1,800 customers are affected by multiple power outages across the city.

The weather has knocked over trees and powerlines and Burlington Hydro is responding. 

Treat all downed wires as live,” says Hydro.

The power outage map on Burlington Hydro’s site is also having technical issues.

Accoring to Burlington Hydro, the amount of power outages is widepsread and the estimated time of restoration is minimum four hours across the board.

We will update as info becomes available.

UPDATE: as of 5:05 p.m. hydro has confirmed that a big willow tree has fallen on a main 27 volt feeder which has prompted many of the outages.

ETR is two-four hours.

UPDATE: The largest outage is on the west end, hydro said at around 5:30 p.m. An electrical powerline is down across 4184 Walkers Line - stay clear.

UPDATE: The majority of areas are seeing power restored, says Burlington Hydro on Monday morning. Roughly 120 customers remain without power. Crews will continue to work to restore power, specifically in the Glenwood and Mary Court  area. Four broken poles need repair to other areas which are out. 

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