Shawarma Alley brings some magic to downtown Milton


Published October 25, 2023 at 9:23 am

Shawarma Aey

Shawarma Alley has brought some of the Harry Potter-themed magic of Shawarma Pizza to Downtown Milton.

The newest addition to Milton’s food scene, Shawarma Alley, is now open at 295 Main Street East in Milton, following the success of restaurants in Georgetown and Guelph

Shawarma Alley is a fusion spot where tradition meets innovation and shawarma meets pizza. In fact, shawarma pizza – traditional pizza dough with homemade tomato sauce, cheese and shawarma meat – is their best seller.

With some of the names of the dishes derived from Harry Potter puns, founders Zishan Ashraf and Hifza Humayun are trying to bring a little magic to food lovers in Milton.

“Food can bring people together and it breaks many barriers that society has created today,” Ashraf and Humayun said.

Ashraf was raised in the United Arab Emirates, where he developed a love for shawarma and Mediterranean cuisine. Humayun was born in Pakistan but raised in Canada where she found a love for pizza. The pair embarked on their culinary journey when they married in 2014 and decided to combine their love for the two cuisines and create Shawarma Alley.

The menu includes shawarma pizza, shawarma wraps (Chicken Nimbus, Shrieking Steak and Gyro), shawarma ‘Alley’ poutine, and the ‘Ultimate Kedavra’ – pizza with chicken and beef shawarma and gyro meat.

There’s also regular pizza, wings and more available in this culinary fusion restaurant, making it unlike other shawarma spot around.

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