Snowy Roads Causing Collisions and Road Closures in Milton


Poor weather conditions have lead to several collisions and closures this morning in Milton and Halton Hills.

Police reported around 8:00 a.m. that a taxi drove into a ditch on Britannia east of James Snow in Milton. Injuries are unknown at this time.

The roadway was temporarily closed to allow road clearance.

A few minutes later, a collision was reported at the intersection of 5 Sideroad and Boston Church Road. Officers are on scene.

Another road has been temporarily closed on River Road heading towards 17 Sideroad in Georgetown, Halton Hills due to severe road conditions. According to police, traffic is building on the bridge with the road conditions making it impassable.

Officers are asking the public to stay aware and drive cautiously, as the roads are packed with snow and visibiltiy is poor.

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