Some Things at the Burlington Centre Never Change


Some things at the Burlington Centre never change.

The Burlington Centre, formerly known as Burlington Mall, first opened its doors in 1968 and over the last two years Centre has been majorly renovated, a $60-million renovation.

The $60-million investment came from RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust and KingSett Capital, in order to make space for new retailers and an improved shopping experience.

The renovations were a result of Target leaving the Centre, instead of bringing in a new large tenant the scope grew into what the Centre is today.

"The $60-million that we have just spent has really touched every aspect of the mall, certainly from the aesthetic look outside, with the new modern painting of the facade, our new signage, we've had our parking lot lighting replaced with new LED lights, and then all throughout the interior," Heidi McGaw, General Manager of Burlington Centre, said.

Burlington Centre has undergone a lot of changes so far in its 50 years but one thing has always stayed the same.

The community feeling.

"We have such loyal patrons who have been coming to this mall who really feel that this mall is part of their community," McGaw said.

"I think that has been amazing to see and we saw it at the grand opening with all the comments about how people remember this store being there, or remember different things 50 years ago and how it still has that really warm community feel."

So, what's next for Burlington Centre?

McGaw said the Centre is gearing up for the holiday season by bringing in new Christmas decor and getting ready for Santa's arrival.

The holiday season, according to McGaw, will be an excellent time to visit the newly renovated Centre if you have not got the chance yet.

And of course, there are always new stores and restaurants coming.

Photos courtesy of Burlington Centre.

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