Speed limit reduced to slow down rural drivers in Burlington and Milton

Published July 24, 2023 at 12:55 pm

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A rural route that separates Burlington and Milton will see its speed limit reduced.

The road, Bell School Line, will have the current speed limit of 70 km/h drop to 60 km/h in the weeks ahead.

Burlington recently approved the move and Milton is expected to do so.

The stretch of road that runs between No. 1 Sideroad to Britannia Rd., Bell School Line has long been a spot where motorists break the speed limit and law enforcement in the area has been successful at catching drivers when radar patrol is on duty.

“Drivers who race along there now will face even greater penalties when the speed limit is reduced,” a Halton police officer told inhalton.com recently. “This is a good time for everyone who uses that road to slow down.”

A City of Burlington report said the speed reduction is timely and appropriate as growth and traffic in the area increase.

The report points out that factors taken into consideration when recommending the speed change include road characteristics such as driveways and access, the number and type of intersection right-of-way controls, existing pedestrian and/or cycling facilities, road geometry, the presence of on-street parking, and pavement condition.

“Having speed limits set higher than appropriate for the roadway characteristics can create increased risk to road users, including an increase in severity of collision should one occur,” the report indicates.





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