Steel rebar found on road between Oakville, Burlington why police ‘strict on load security’


Published July 25, 2023 at 3:36 pm

Halton Regional Police found this piece of steel rebar in the middle of Dundas St. between Oakville and Burlington on Tuesday (July 25). HRPS PHOTO

Keeping Oakville and Burlington roads clear of debris or loose objects not only cuts down on expensive repairs, but more importantly helps thousands of motorists who drive on them every day stay safe.

One can only imagine the damage a large piece of steel rebar found by Halton Regional Police on Dundas St. between Oakville and Burlington could have done if driven over by an unsuspecting motorist.

Policers didn’t say how it got there, though there’s a good chance it could have been unsecure and fallen off the back of a construction truck.

“This could become a projectile if driven over,” said a member of the Halton Regional Police’s Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) unit after finding it on the street.

The piece of hard metal could have done extensive damage to one’s car or even worse severely injured someone had it been launched through a front windshield.

“This is why we are so strict on load security,” said police.

Local residents were quick to thank the CMV officer for getting the piece of metal off the road.

“Oh wow. Thank you,” said Mary Lynn Metras on Twitter.

“That could’ve been expensive for the next car,” said another follower on Twitter.

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