Streetlight Pilot Project Underway in Milton


Street lighting is being tested in Milton and feedback is being sought from residents.

A pilot project is underway and areas have been selected for installation of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) street lights for testing purposes.

Residential pilot areas include Robert, Barton and Miles streets (Bronte to Bell) and King and Hugh streets.

Arterial pilot areas include Derry Rd., East of Ontario St., east of Miller Way, east of Bronte St., and east and west of Holly Ave.

The street lights are from four different manufacturers and will remain in place until next month.

The pilot, along with feedback from residents on these streets, will help evaluate the streetlights to determine which fixture will be installed throughout the Town.

It’s up to the Town of Milton and Milton Hydro to make the final decision.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) conversion programs have been ongoing across the province and beyond for five years and “there have been vast improvements in the industry during that time period,” reads a press release from the Town of Milton.

The quality of hardware has been enhanced, supply costs have gone down and there are proven energy savings.”

Four groups of lighting fixtures are currently being used in Milton: cobra heads - the most common form of streetlight found on most roadways; coach heads - decorative heads that are used on some residential streets; a variety of different styles - most of which were installed in the 1970s; and downtown decorative lighting.

The Town of Milton is now upgrading the cobra head fixtures (including fixtures on Regional roads in partnership with Halton Region) and the ‘other’ category of fixtures.

There is no cost-effective solution at this time for the conversion of the coach style or the downtown decorative lighting; these will be undertaken in the future when energy savings justify the expense,” reads the statement.

Residents with questions or comments can contact Engineering Services.

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