Suspected Purse Thieves Targeting Georgetown Shoppers


A pair of suspects are being sought following a series of purse thefts at grocery stores in Georgetown.

Purses were swiped from unattended shopping carts, say Halton police.

Two separate incidents took place on Feb. 2.

A couple was grocery shopping at the Food Basics store on Guelph St. around 6 p.m.

When they turned their backs on their shopping cart for just a few moments, a female suspect removed the lady’s purse from the cart and bolted.

The incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

Shortly after, police allege the same suspect and another female committed a similar theft at the Freshco store down the street.

This duo “may be part of an organized group that victimizes shoppers,” according to police.

Investigators are working with video surveillance footage to identify the suspects, however, images haven’t been released to media.

The first suspect is described as having an olive complexion, 25 to 30 years, standing 5-foot-8 with average weight and build. She had black hair pulled back into a bun or ponytail, a round face, a dark jacket, and jeans.

The second suspect also has an olive complexion. She’s older — maybe 60, standing 5-foot-8, with heavy weight and build. She has dark hair, a thinner face, and was wearing a dark knee-length jacket, blue heavy scarf wrapped around her head and neck, dark pants, and was carrying a reusable shopping bag.

When shopping, don’t leave purses, wallets, cell phones or any other valuable items unattended with your shopping cart, say police.

If you see such a theft, you’re asked to call 911 to report the crime ‘in-progress.’  

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