Temperatures climbing to 11 degrees this weekend in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville


Get ready to put the ‘sun’ in Sunday.

This weekend, despite the fact spring is still two weeks away, it’s going to feel a lot like spring, as temperatures will be climbing to 11 degrees in Burlington, Milton and Oakville.

However, we’ll have to get through a cold Friday to enjoy the warmer weather towards the end of the weekend.

Temperatures will be dropping to -8 degrees in Oakville, -9 degrees in Burlington, and -10 degrees in Milton on Friday night.

It will start to warm up Saturday—temperatures will be -7 degrees in Oakville, which will feel like -11 with the wind, while temperatures in Burlington and Milton will be -8, which will feel like -12 with the wind—Saturday morning before rising to 4 degrees Saturday afternoon for all three cities.

Temperatures will drop again slightly Saturday night to -1 degrees in Oakville and -2 degrees in Burlington and Milton, but they will be up to 1 degree for all three cities Sunday morning before hitting double digits Sunday afternoon.

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