Temperatures could hit 20 degrees in Halton this week


You might not be able to go to many places right now due to the coronavirus outbreak, but you can enjoy the great outdoors at a safe distance from other people—and you might want to step outside every now and then to avoid going too stir crazy.

Fortunately for those who have to walk the dog or spend a little time outside, some very nice weather is on route.

According to The Weather Network, temperatures are forecasted to hit 17 degrees on Friday, March 20. While it will feel more like 15 degrees outside, the balmy weather won't last. Temperatures will fall to 0 degrees on Saturday and fall to -1 on Sunday. 

We'll be in the low single digits early next week, with some flurries in the forecast for Monday.

So if you want to enjoy some outdoor time—while practising social distancing—you might want to step outside on Friday.

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