The safest place to live in Canada? Burlington comes out on top


Published January 23, 2024 at 12:31 pm

Burlington has been ranked the safest place to live in Canada.

A new list compiled by Pine, a real estate technology company, has Burlington as this country’s safest community when compared to other towns and cities across the country.

Using data from the Canada Crime Index and incorporating other factors such as family-friendly amenities, the findings show Burlington has a lot going for it.

“Burlington, nestled within the Greater Toronto Area, stands out as a jewel among Canada’s safest cities,” the report reads.

The study points out Burlington has a crime severity index (CSI) of 23.95, significantly lower than the national average of 78.10. The index measures both the volume and seriousness of crimes reported. The lower the CSI the safer the community.

Pine points out that Burlington is home to a range of high-quality schools that are ranked high in provincial assessments. As well, it says the city has a number of parks and recreational centres that are used year round, a user friendly waterfront, and large festivals such as the Sound of Music.

“This picturesque waterfront city is not just about safety; it’s a hub of professional opportunities and outdoor adventures,” are just a few of the accolades that are heaped on the city.

It goes on to state that Burlington is  “a sanctuary for those seeking a life free from the worries of violent crimes.”

Some of the statistics the study shows include:

  • Population: Approximately 198,557
  • Crime Severity Index (CSI): 23.95
  • Average house sale price: $1,028,577
  • Average Monthly Rent (1-Bed): $1,452
  • Average Monthly Cost of Living: $2,091

“As one of the safest cities in Canada, Burlington is more than a place to live; it’s a community where safety, nature, and prosperity converge, creating an ideal environment for families and professionals alike.”


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