Thefts From Vehicles are on the Rise in Oakville


Oakville residents, you might want to consider locking your cars and not leaving your purse or key FOB in the front seat.

Halton police are reporting a 17 per cent rise in thefts from vehicles versus this time last year.

A close examination of these cases concluded a large number of these crimes were preventable, say police.

A short video is part of a new campaign highlighting just how easy it is for thieves to get into your whip.

It’s part of a new approach from the 2 District street crime unit, which investigates thefts from cars.

Crime prevention is the best way to protect yourself and your property.

With a few simple steps, you can significantly reduce the chance of theft from your vehicle, and police are advising residents to follow some basic - and proactive - principles: Lock your vehicle when unattended; remove all valuables from your vehicle or keep them out of plain sight; never leave your key fob inside your vehicle.

Burlington residents were also issued a similar warning over the summer following an 187 per cent spike in thefts from vehicles over summer 2016.

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