Themed bar expected to replace Queen’s Head Pub in Burlington


Published September 18, 2023 at 1:29 pm

Historic building was home to a British pub but will be replace with another bar
The Queen's Head pub will be replaced by a sports bar, according to reports.

Early reports indicate a sports bar will take over the space of the Queen’s Head Pub in Burlington.

Although unconfirmed, sources say the interior of the pub will be redesigned to accommodate the sports bar which could open early in the new year.

Owners of the building at 400 Brant St. near Elgin St. were unavailable for comment, but the well-placed source says the new tenants appear to be a recognized brand.

“Anything could change in this business, but at this point it looks like your typical chain restaurant or bar,” the source said. “I think it will be a name that people recognize.”

The Queen’s Head closed its doors for the last time on Saturday (Sept. 16) after 20 years at the location.

The operator of the pub said he didn’t want to leave but that the owners of the building would not renew his lease.

“It was a matter of rent,” the source said. “Somebody else was willing to pay significantly more to be in that location.”

Those who attended the Queen’s Head in its final days said they were sorry to see it go and that its casual and friendly atmosphere suited the history of the building.

“It was a home away from home, a comfortable place that you thought would always be here,” said Megan Reid, a semi-regular at the pub. “And now it’s gone. Nothing lasts forever, unfortunately”

The 400 Brant St. location was built in 1860 for use as a hotel called the Zimmerman House later known as the Queen’s Hotel and then the Sherwood Hotel. The building is considered a landmark treasure in Burlington.

Some fear the site will be redeveloped and turned into a condo but that’s not likely to happen considering the limited space and the building’s heritage designation.

Still, others haven’t ruled out that possibility.

“Let’s be real, you know a developer would like to get their hands on this site and turn it into a high-rise given its location (in downtown Burlington),” the source said. “That probably won’t happen this time but at some point down the road it will be an issue.”




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