These Burlington Projects Just Won Awards


The City of Burlington has just announced that they are awarding over 10 new arts and culture projects across Burlington.

The Burlington Arts and Culture Fund or BACF is a government grant programs that provides grants to local artists, multicultural groups, and arts and culture organizations. The city has just listed the name of the projects that will recieve the fund.

The aim of the program is to foster creativity and enrich residents with arts and culture experiences.

The BACF received 25 grant application between January 7 and February 8, but only chose to support 16 projects. Each project is granted $5,000 or up to 50 per cent of the total project budget, whichever is less.

The applications were reviewed by a jury of peers and city staff. According to the City of Burlington website, the decision to support certain projects was based on artistic merit, program merit and strategic initiative, which both weighed 30 per cent each. In addition, 40 per cent of the decision was based on citywide and community impact, and economic impact, 20 per cent each.

Manager of Arts and Culture Angela Paparizo says, these “projects will allow residents to engage with arts and culture and to experience different ideas, perspectives, languages and cultures. Bringing such a wide variety of arts and culture to Burlington is a valuable asset that will add to the enjoyment and vibrancy of our community.”

In order to apply for the grant, applicants must live in Burlington and should be not-for-profit organizations, individual artists with high achievement in arts and culture programming or a multicultural group that plays a significant role in the community.

According to the City of Burlington website, the program recognizes and supports diverse identities, perspectives, languages, cultures and artistic practices.

Many individuals are being funded as well as organizations such as, the Burlington Welsh Ladies Chorus, the Burlington Fine Arts Association, the Rotary Club of Burlington Lakeshore, the Halton Black History Awareness Society and the Burlington New Millennium Orchestra. The projects being funded by the city are listed on the city’s website.

Heather MacDonald, Director of City Building, says “we are looking forward to seeing the funded programs come alive and add even more culture and vibrancy to our already amazing city.”

Photo courtesy of the City of Burlington. 

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