These excuses won’t get you out of a parking ticket in Burlington


Published December 19, 2023 at 9:55 am

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Parking enforcement officers in Burlington have heard it all but the bottom line is if you illegally park in a space designated for those with a disability you will get fined and may face other consequences.

During the holiday season enforcement officers have stepped up their efforts to nab those who park in spaces reserved for those who have accessible parking permits.

If you are caught, you can get a ticket for $400 and possibly have your vehicle towed away.

Accessible parking permits are those officially issued by Service Ontario to either a driver or a passenger with a disability or health condition.

Although some disabilities are obvious and are given to those who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices, they are also issued to people with other health conditions.

As well, permits are issued to people, not vehicles so that people living with a disability can use the permit in any vehicle they’re travelling in butt that person must be in the car for the permit to be valid.

“Our community needs access to these spaces for shopping, appointments and family events this season,” states a City of Burlington bulletin.  “Officers will verify that these spaces are occupied by vehicles with valid, clearly displayed permits and will enforce them accordingly if not.

In Burlington if a person uses a permit not issued to them, it can also result in a fine of $400 and the car may be towed and the permit may be seized.

Here then are some of the excuses parking officials hear regularly from those who take advantage of the accessible parking spaces:

  • I need to drop off a few heavy things
  • I won’t be a minute, I only needed to pop in to pick up something
  • I have a disability, I just forgot my permit
  • I don’t have a permit, but I find it very difficult to walk
  • Why should you be privileged? You don’t look disabled
  • I am a pensioner, so I am entitled to park near the shop
  • I was going to miss my flight if I didn’t park there
  • I’m doing a few things for my dad/mom and it’s his permit

Apparently, these explanations don’t work.

As well, in addition to the parking space, the striped access aisle next to the accessible parking area is needed by people using wheelchair lifts and/or assistive devices to get in and out of their vehicle. You will also get fined for parking in this area.





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