This is How the Halton Region is Preventing Basement Flooding for Some Residents


Basement flooding may just be the bane of every homeowner, but luckily the Halton Region’s Basement Flooding Program works to prevent this from happening before it becomes an issue.

And at the start of this year, as part of the program, the region kicked off a new project in the hopes to prevent basement flooding.

With this project, the Halton Region will be upgrading wastewater service lines and sewer holes. The purpose of this project, according to the Halton Region website, is to make sure wastewater infrastructure is in a state of good repair. This will, in turn, help prevent sewer back-ups that can result in basement flooding.

This construction project, which commenced in January of this year, is being carried out in Burlington and Halton Hills. It is expected to be completed by August of this year.

Residents should take note that some road areas may be dug up in order to access wastewater mains or to put in new sewer holes. This could potentially result in road restrictions or lane shifts; however, local access will be maintained. 


At this time, there are no planned detours as a result of this project but residents should also take note that at times driveway access may be limited.

This project may impact Burlington residents in the following areas: Beaver Street, Brant Street, Crofton Way, Glen Acres Court, and South Service Road.

This project also may impact Halton Hills residents in the following areas: Bairstow Crescent, and Prospect Park.

For more information about this project, click here.

Photos are courtesy of the Halton Region website.

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