This Network is Helping Burlington Residents Who Suffer From Mental Illness This Holiday Season


A network is working to help Burlington residents who suffer from mental illness this holiday season. 

The Acts of Kindness Network (AOKN). 

This network has a goal of sharing kindness, touching hearts, and changing lives. During the holiday season the AOKN is working hard to make sure this is achieved. 

"Kindness and Christmas have always been synonymous," a post on the AOKN Facebook page reads.

"And since 2002, we have been asking 'Would you be open to extend an act of kindness to help us deliver the spirit of the season?' To help the one in five residents who suffer from mental illness and poverty issues. It could be a family member, a friend, a colleague or a neighbour who has lost loved ones to death or divorce, who lost confidence and lost their job or lost a sense of self and has lost the will to live."

So, how can you help?

People are encouraged to pack gift bags, loaded with essential personal care items such as hats, gloves, scarves, socks, etc., and drop them off at the network's Burlington donation location - Wardell Insurance, 431 Brant St.

Gift bags can be dropped off until Dec. 21. 

Donations can also be made to the network's Go Fund Me page. The money raised will be used to buy what is needed in order to completed the gift bags.

Visit the Go Fund Me page here.

For more information about the AOKN, visit the official website

Photo is courtesy of the AOKN Facebook page. 

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