This New Service is Now Available at Georgetown Hospital


For the past couple of years, the Halton Healthcare Clinical Nutrition and Food Services team has been working to improve the patient food experience. 

Back in 2011 the team introduced the 'Call to Order' room service program at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH). 

This award winning program was so successful that in 2017 it was expanded to Milton District Hospital.

Now, the same program has been launched at Georgetown Hospital. 

As one might presume, according to a recent press release, the Call to Order system allows patients to order food by phone from their hospital room. 

"The Call to Order system allows patients to call any time between the hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and their selections will be delivered to their room at pre-set breakfast, lunch and dinner meal times," Elma Hrapovich, Director of Support Services at Halton Healthcare, said in the release. "This provides patients with more flexibility to order what they want closer to when they will eat it. 

Hrapovich notes that the system is patient-focused, flexible, and service-based system.

"After their initial order, each eligible patient will receive a room service menu specific to their dietary need," Hrapovich said. "We also have a number of safeguards and alerts in place to ensure that no one is missing more than one meal and that our high risk diet patients - such as those with diabetes - are not skipping any meals."

However, the introducing the Call to Order system isn't the only improvement Halton Healthcare is making regarding nutrition.

Halton Healthcare has also been working to combat the stigma of bad hospital food. 

As noted in the release, Halon Healthcare has been working on developing delightful and nourishing meals that incorporate a variety of fresh, locally sourced, and sustainable food options. 

"Patients need nutritious meals to support their recovery, but hospital food doesn't have the greatest reputation," Cindy McDonell, Chief Operating Officer at Georgetown Hospital, said in the release. "Our Clinical Nutrition and Food Services team have spent a lot of time and energy developing new recipe ideas in an effort to craft tasty and nutritious meals for our patients. As an organization we strive to provide exemplary patient experiences always; and the food we serve plays a significant role in that." 

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