Tim Hortons offering alternatives to milk and cream


Good news for those looking to avoid dairy, whether for ethical or dietary reasons.

Tim Hortons is now offering almond milk as an alternative to cow’s milk or cream.

Those who can't or choose not to consume dairy can now have their favourite drink, including coffees, iced coffees, Iced Capps, teas and other hot beverages, made with Silk almond beverage.

Additionally, those attempting to cut calories will be pleased to know Tims will also be offering skim milk as an alternative to regular milk and cream.

In addition to adding almond beverage, we’re also responding to feedback by now offering skim milk to our guests,” Hope Bagozzi, chief marketing officer for Tim Hortons, said in a news release.

Hearing and acting on guest feedback is really important to help us provide the best possible experience. We’re happy to be offering more choices to guests," she continued.

Customers will not have to pay extra to have their brewed or iced coffees and hot teas made with skim milk or almond milk. Prices for espresso-based beverages, tea lattes, or frozen beverages like Iced Capps made with almond milk will vary based on region.

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