Tinted windows have Burlington drivers paying a heavy legal price


Published October 27, 2023 at 2:53 pm

tinted window police Burlington device
Halton police use this device to measure the tint in a car window.

Burlington drivers and motorists throughout Halton Region are finding out there is a heavy price to pay for having overly tinted car windows.

The most recent example happened today (Oct. 27) when a motorist was stopped by police and fined.

In this instance, officers found that the windows in the car were too dark. As well, this driver was also using a foreign license that had long since expired.

This happened on Dunas St. at Millcroft Park Dr. and the motorist was ultimately issued fines amounting to $545 and, because the license was invalid, had to wait around until a friend who was legally licensed to drive had to remove the vehicle.

This incident was just one in a number of recent incidents where Halton police have been proactive in stopping cars with dark windows.

In Ontario, the rules vary depending on what windows are tinted. Tinted windows are not illegal, it just depends on how dark they are. Fines can range up to $500 plus other costs.

The reason for the law is for safety. Car windows that are too dark can hinder vision, especially at night. As well, it prevents pedestrians from making eye contact with the driver and prevents police from doing visual checks into vehicles.

For the most, drivers like tinted windows for aesthetic reasons; it looks good. The other main reason is to block people from taking a look inside the vehicle. As well, some motorists say it cuts down on glare.

In Halton, officers use a device to measure the level of tint in windows which has led to the ability to issue fines.

One officer who spoke to inhalton.com said the main concern for police when they see dark windows is safety.

“For us, personally, having to walk up to a vehicle where you can’t see the driver can be frightening,” the officer said. “You are already pulling over the vehicle because something is wrong so you don’t know what you are dealing with if you can’t see in.”


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