Top 5 biggest news stories of 2019 in Halton


From big-time lottery winners, to missing children, to a police raid that broke up a sex-trafficking operation—there was a lot of big news stories this year in Halton.

These were the top news stories of the year.

5: Kelly's Bake Shoppe in Burlington Receives Nasty Backlash for Pride Cupcakes

This past June, a popular bakery in Burlington announced it would be selling pride-themed cupcakes, the proceeds of which would go towards organizations that help LGBTQ+ community members escape violence in their home countries.

While this would appear to be a noble cause, the bakery was met with vitriolic comments and harrassment—both on social media and by people in person—related to where the proceeds from the cupcakes were going.

4: A new and terrifying scam can steal your phone number and clear your bank accounts in Halton

There were no shortage of stories about scams this year. From the myriad of scam calls to fake loan companies scamming people in financial need, there were plenty of stories of fraud.

However this story was one of the more scary ones. It detailed how scammers would gain remote access to a person’s cell phone, then use that to empty their PayPal accounts and lock them out of their online banking.

3: Bank of Canada Says Canadians Will No Longer be Allowed to Use Certain Bills Anymore

Similar to the government’s decision to do away with the penny, this story detailed the announcement that several bills no longer in circulation would officially lose their legal tender status.

Starting in 2021, the $1, $2, $25, $500, and $1,000 bills will not be considered legal tender, and therefore not be used during financial transactions.

2: Oakville woman celebrates big lottery win

While it’s true news can often be dark and depressing, it’s nice when a news story involves a positive story—one that doesn’t leave you scared and upset.

This was one such story, as it detailed a 31-year-old mother of one from Oakville who won the LOTTO 6/49 draw in December.

1: Police Asking For Public’s Assistance To Locate Missing 11-Year-Old Girl

This story was an example of a community coming together, as it was shared hundreds of times, as members of the community did what they could to ensure 11-year-old Isabelle Vucemilo returned home safely.

Fortunately, this story had a happy ending, as Vucemilo was found by police officers in Oakville in good health.

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