Top 5 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in Oakville and Burlington


If you need a hug in Oakville or Burlington, you might want to eat your feelings instead and take a trip down memory lane with a solid grilled cheese sandwich. I don’t know how many times you made a grilled cheese when you were a kid (it was legit one of the first things I learned how to create) but I inhaled this on the regular. Of course, now you can sex it up with some fancy cheese, gourmet bread or spreads. But sometimes simplicity is best. Here are the top 5 grilled cheese sandwiches in Oakville and Burlington.

5. Emma’s Back Porch


Emma’s Grilled Cheese N Bacon Burger is exactly what it sounds like. Featuring the classic Backporch cheese and smoked bacon burger, it’s sandwiched between not one but two grilled cheese sandwiches. This cottage in south Burlington where Emma’s - formally known as the Estaminet Standard Hotel - opened in 1919 and famous people such as legendary musician Louis Armstrong and former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker (aka Dief the Chief) dined here. So if you’re looking to indulge, you can  simultaneously knock off a few sinful cravings.

What to order: Grilled Cheese N Bacon Burger ($18)

4. The Coop Wicked Chicken


Brant home to this fun, laidback resto … you may recognize the name from Hamilton’s original King St. W. location. Doors opened in March 2017 and locals are flocking to the place. Featuring lunch, dinner, and boozy weekend brunch, Coop Wicked Chicken offers fresh in-house food made with high-quality ingredients. Offerings include Deep-Fried Deviled Eggs (fantastic!), Sriracha Honey Cauliflower (for the vegans in your life), Hardcore Pulled Chicken Poutine, and Chicken & Waffles topped with an egg — this was absolutely phenomenal. The atmosphere is unpretentious and fun. Service is great. The grilled cheese sandwich is stuffed with mac and cheese plus bacon. Can anyone say cheat meal?! To wash it all down, the resto has added a digital vending machine for soft drinks (just like ones movie theatres use now) so you can get up and refill your own cups.

What to order: Bacon Mac & Chz ($8.99)

3. The Gingerman


Essentially everything on the menu at the Gingerman is fantastic, including their LGC. It’s got succulent chunks of lobster, with a triple-cheese blend and multigrain bread. Don’t be silly and order a salad like I did. Their hand-cut Yukon gold fries are sprinkled with sea salt and they just hit the spot to the point where I could finish a massive platter of them for a solid, carb-filled, fatty meal. (Hopefully the cranky old guy who runs my gym doesn’t read this … if so, he’ll be sure to remind me of my “marshmallow” abs). Chase the sandwich with a glass of their hand-picked wine selection if you fancy vino, or be cool like me and order a whisky sour.

What to order: LGCLobster Grilled Cheese ($16)

2. Croissant Express Bakery

This adorable little bakery along Lakeshore Rd. E. in downtown Oakville offers the BEST croissants, including a chocolate variety. Items are made in-house with oodles of real butter (and did we mention butter?). Then there are squares, tarts, cookies … some are laced with yummy pistachios, coconut, and other things nutty. Pastries aside, you can also find sandwiches, all-day breakfast, and hot bevvies including espresso. The grilled cheese here is just like the one your mom (or perhaps more indulgent grandma) made for you. Simple, tasty and satisfying. There are a few tables outside for people-watching (including what appears to be a handsome bicycle-riding doctor in scrubs on this sunny day!). The atmosphere is chic and service is quite friendly. Keep in mind, there’s no Wi-Fi. Regardless, I’ll be returning for a box of chocolate croissants on my niece’s birthday, plus a fresh loaf of sourdough!

What to order: Grilled Cheese ($7.35)

1. Plank


This Bronte Village restobar, south of Lakeshore Rd., absolutely blew us away with their grilled cheese sandwich. The sourdough bread is soft and encompasses artichoke walnut pesto, smoked bacon, and delicious aged cheddar. It comes with fries or salad for $12. Why does everything here taste so great? Catch Hospitality Group (which owns a slew of the best restos in Oakville, including this one) knocked this one out of the proverbial ballpark. This casual resto-bar has a farm-fresh focus and sources locally when possible. Good luck scoring a table on a Friday night … it’s worth the wait. The beer selection rocks, and so does the chill vibe. Get your sandwich on!

What to order: Grilled Cheese ($12)

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