Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville: Feb 15 - 22


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville for the week of Feb 15 - 22, based on the number of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5. Jopapas Pizza & Wings

This Market St. pizza joint has been in Milton for about two years — those of you from Mississauga may recognize the name and link it to the Clarkson location, which opened about eight years ago. Jopapas is across from Maplehurst in that awkward little Harvey’s plaza. I wanted a large pepperoni but the guy working the counter suggested the XL walk-in special, which got me extra slices. And man were they good! The sauce here always tastes excellent, thanks to premium ingredients. With super-friendly service and really delicious pizza, Jopapas is always a crowd-pleaser. 

4. Halifax Donair

Small slices of pepperoni generously top this pizza, which has a perfect crust — not too thick, not too thin. It was just right. With plenty of meat falling off, the cheese was oozing when I tried to get the first slice. This busy shop along Martin St. offers pick-up only, and you can tell by how busy it is. They offer a Donair pizza, their signature pie (we'll try it next time!), while the pepperoni pizza is served with a piece of fresh bread in the centre instead of the standard white plastic table/divider thingy (technically known as a 'pizza saver'). It’s a cute touch. Friendly service at this great little mom and pop place has me leaving with a smile.

3. Casa Americo

Located in the heart of downtown Milton, Casa Americo is a great place for simple dishes such as Gnocchi al Pomodoro, Penne Alla Vodka, Penne Primevira and Ravioli Ai Formaggi. Not only did the Ravioli come in a delicious rose sauce, but the portion size was unexpectedly large and filling for ravioli. Be sure to check out the live piano music on weekends.

2. Locanda

Everything from the decor to the service to the music and the food is on point at Locanda. The intimate setting makes it a great spot for a dinner date. The Fresh Fettuccini Bolognese made with veal was incredibly satisfying and filling (not to mention great value). A drizzle of their homemade chili oil was the cherry on top. If you prefer something a little less meaty, there are a number of vegetarian and vegan menu items to choose from. Room for dessert? Be sure to try their homemade cheesecake with raspberry sauce!

1. 7 Enoteca

This sexy little Neapolitan wood-burning pizzeria boasts some really delicious food. Thin, pita-like dough is topped with sauce, fresh cheese and basil, and spicy salami. My pizza was a tad soggy in the middle and resembled pita bread more than pizza crust. The quality of the ingredients, though, made up for it. Dough is made with the finest “00” wheat flour imported from Naples and fermented naturally with an ancient slow-rising sourdough recipe, then baked for 60 seconds at 900 degrees in a traditional pizza oven built on-site by a third-generation artisan from Naples. Then there’s the atmosphere, which is oh-so-sexy when the lights are dimmed. Keep in mind, the kitchen shuts down one hour before closing. You’ve got to head to 7 and check it out.

Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville: Feb 15 - 22

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