Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville: Feb 8 - 15


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville for the week of Feb 8 - 15, based on the number of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5. MollyCake

Delicious treats are in store for anyone who wanders into MollyCake, where everything is made from scratch. I sampled their top three sellers … The Cookie (with white, milk, and dark chocolate and pieces of Skor), a peanut butter banana cupcake, and macarons (I chose pistachio and lemon). The Cookie was ridiculously amazing. The shop, which has been on Brant St. for about three years (they’ve relocated from the city's north end) offers great service and wonderfully tasty treats. There was even a vegan offering: a peanut butter cup with dark chocolate that’s “better than Reese’s,” I was told. Were they right? You’ll have to go down there yourself to find out.

4. Pane Fresco

Service is exceptional at this downtown gem, where the chocolate walnut pie is to absolutely die for. I mean, really, I’m not a pie lover by any means but this combo of cacao and walnuts is on another level. Then there’s the biscotti, which comes in four flavours! The pistachio one is all I need. While you’re there, grab a fresh loaf of bread and get in line for a square of their yummy pizza. Baked fresh, the price of each square varies depending on your selection. This veggie one was taunting me with its glorious roasted onions, peppers, tomatoes and balsamic. City Hall worker bees and downtown residents are lucky to have access to this Locust St. gem whenever they want! Keep in mind prices are reflective of geography.


3. Pasqualino

Pasqualino is a beautiful restaurant located on Main Street. Although a bit pricier, there’s no question that Pasqualino serves fine food and wine. Nothing compares to fresh pasta that is cooked al dente. Be sure to get a table at the front of the restaurant for the best view of the open concept kitchen that is an experience in itself. If you like spice (like me) I highly recommend the Bucatini all’Amatriciana. The spicy tomato sauce is delizioso!

2. Sweet! Bakery & Tea House 

A guy I worked with once expressed shock at my steadfast refusal to partake when offered cupcakes — especially mini ones. An admitted salt fiend, I’ve often described cupcakes as “glorified muffins” but it’s likely because I’ve never been to Sweet! in Bronte Harbour. Fourteen flavours are baked from scratch every day (in regular and mini shapes). Green tea lavender was my fave - full of 'oomph' in each tiny bite, with delectable chocolate raspberry coming in second. The adorable interior is welcoming (although seating is limited) and there’s an array of looseleaf tea and Detour coffee, alongside cookies which are also fresh-baked in-house. But back to the cupcakes — as Drake croons, they’re “the best I ever had.” Seriously. I don’t know where or when Ashley Armstrong learned to bake but man, am I ever sweet on her shop!

1. The Grand Chalet

 Located on Steeles Ave E. in Milton, The Grand Chalet is a unique Italian trattoria that everyone in Milton knows about. The first thing you notice is that it looks and feels quite different from a traditional restaurant. The second thing you notice is the incredible smell of fresh food and homemade pasta. It has a warm atmosphere that is reminiscent of a family dinner on Sunday. The Pappardella alla Maria was so flavourful. It’s a place you want to go back to over and over again to try everything on the menu. Overall, The Grand Chalet was a great dining experience.

Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville: Feb 8 - 15

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