Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville: Oct 6-12


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville for the week of October 6 to 12, based on the number of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5. Sotiris

Just pick a platter, any platter! With 7 different platters to choose from, the options are very promising. Prices are set for one or for two, but each platter is an absolute mountain of perfectly cooked food! Use the picture below as a bit of a map to mentally prepare how you'll attack this meal when it arrives in front of you. If not, you may find yourself overwhelmed and confused as to what you should eat next; it's a great problem to have! You may not be able to tell, but there is rice below the mountain of meats, and long with the potatoes, you'll be quite sure to have your fill here. The grilled octopus is also a thing of beauty if you need a seafood fix. With its large array of options, quantity, quality, and pleasant open atmosphere (private rooms for functions available), Sotiris is definitely one of the best Greek restaurants in Burlington! 

4. Martini House

This tiny-fine dining restaurant provides an array of gourmet, chef-made menu items (and libations, obviously). The Hand-Made Gnudi is created in-house and stands out as a star dish, featuring lemon-thyme ricotta, roasted pearl onions, mushrooms, and walnut pesto. It's equal parts light yet addictive. Popular items include the delicious Mushroom Pizza, with buttered leeks and truffle oil, and Braised Beef Yorkies, which is oh-so-comforting on any given day. So's the cornbread served under the Crab Cakes. And the Chicken Florentine Crepe is something to write home about. Menu changes are kicking in as of spring 2018, so that only means there will be more new dishes to sample!

3. Soontorn Bahn Thai

If the wide, wooden door and velvet curtains at the entrance don't get you excited, you will be as soon as you're seated. Bahn Thai's modern, sexy vibe is punctuated by hot pink lighting, please-sit-super-close-to-me-so-our-knees-touch seating, and a dimly lit interior featuring circular booths, and benches with triangular pillows for lumbar support. It feels like a mini-vacation of sorts right in Towne Square. But you're here for the food ... the Fried Tofu and Taro were 50 per cent amazing -- the taro was incredible but the tofu was a tad underwhelming. So I ate twice as much taro, dipping it in a honey-based sauce topped with peanuts. So, so good. If the name rings a bell, it's because this long-running Burlington favourite on Fairview has been pleasing diners for 17 years (it's been a decade in downtown Oakville). Popular appetizers include Thai Spring Rolls, Mango Salad, and Golden Squid (calamari). But if you really want to make the chef happy, order one of the Red Snapper dishes (such as Spicy Fish), which are doused in an outstanding red curry. For dessert, the sticky rice with mango is a no-brainer -- it's downright sinful. 

2. Community Restaurant

Community Restaurant thrives on its hearty menu and positive atmosphere. Owners Alka Dhir and Vanusa Moore opened in early 2019, and they've already built a reputation as one of the top-rated overall restaurants in the entire region. What makes Community Restaurant so successful is its robust menu that can accommodate anyone's tastebuds. Even meat-eaters are raving about the crabless crab cakes and tempeh-based dishes. Want a burger and fries? Get it with almond parmesan and mushroom gravy. Feel like pasta? Try the beet ravioli or Beyond Meat sausage and peppers fusilli. Weekend brunch? Order a mimosa to go with your cauliflower florets topped with dill and cashew tzatziki. Community Restaurant also offers a variety of desserts you won't normally find at a vegan food establishment.

1. La ToscanaThe food offerings here are Oakville-calibre ... straight up. This beautiful, historic building used to be home to the Thompson House Hotel back in 1864. La Toscana owner Tony De Gaetano opened up in 1998 and has been serving up a little slice of Italy since, with incredibly fresh seafood, entrees, appetizers, and desserts. La Toscana is well-known for the oyster and martini bar. The atmosphere is equal parts cozy and sophisticated, while the dining experience is pure elegance. Calamari is grilled to perfection, served alongside tomatoes, black olives, garlic, and capers. Arctic char is a great pick from the grill, with lemon, potatoes, and carrots. The Spaghetti Bolognese blends house-made veal and beef sauce. It tastes fantastic, although this pasta isn't made in-house (but the linguine is). There's a great selection from Italy on the wine list. And for your post-main indulgence, three desserts are made in-house: tiramisu, creme brulee, and spumoni, or espresso-flavoured ice cream drizzled in chocolate sauce. Service is superb -- ask about the original door when you go!

Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Burlington, Milton, and Oakville: Oct 6-12

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