Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Oakville, Burlington, Milton: April 6-12


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Halton for the week of April 6-12, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5. Celadon House


Part of what makes China so unique is its location in the heart of Far East Asia. Being surrounded by such varied cuisines, Chinese fusion is a different and refreshing option for those that are looking for something new. Celadon House is very unique in that it specializes in Asian gourmet from all parts of Far East Asia. Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Korean, and so on, all come together on one menu. The Celadon House Noodle caught me off guard completely. Curry and coconut flavours help to blend all the flavours in this dish; good luck putting your fork down after just one bite. The Hunan Dumplings were brilliant too! Peanut and soy ginger sauce with green onions really complement the pork dumplings very well. The atmosphere is lovely and the service is very friendly. The staff are very proud to offer something quite different in town and I would say they deserve to be!

4. The Express


The Express Italian Eatery, located along Lakeshore Rd. at Brant St., serves up pizza, pasta, steak and seafood. The restaurant is named after the train in Italy which weaved through Bolzano, Milano, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Calabria and Sicily. The menu represents a fusion of northern, central and southern Italian cuisine. What’s in store? Made to order wood fire pizzas, fresh in- house pasta and hand tossed gourmet salads. You’ll really want to get the Ravioli al Brasato di Manzo. Why? Pillows are stuffed with braised beef then topped with sauteed red onions and mushrooms. It’s comfort food that’s flavoured impeccably (and reminds me of my university roommate Tania's pot roast … gone Italian). The Gnocchi, made in-house, arrives in a dreamy, creamy Rose sauce. It’s topped with fried sweet potato chips for a layer of texture. If you’re into sharing, you’ll want to order the Venetian pizza ($16). It’s got a thin crust plus asiago, soppressata, fresh rapini and pepperoncino, made in-house. It’s fantastic and perfectly crispy. Service is great, and here’s something special for the ladies: They give out blankets on the patio if you're cold (or inside when the A/C is blasting.

3. Borgo Antico


The menu is curated and the offerings are fabulous. This cute little downtown Oakville spot opened its doors in October 2016 and is an under-the-radar dining experience when it comes to great Sicilian fare. If you’ve never been, start with the fried artichokes (incredible!) and order the steak (equally fabulous but keep in mind it’s not offered daily since the meat selection is changed up). We also dig the fabulously fabulous burrata-tomato salad! The resto is casual yet authentic, kid-friendly and - more importantly - offers a solid wine list, plus cocktails and beer. Service is very friendly. You must go.

2. Mye 1

Oakville - south

The Mye restaurant brand is the best in Oakville and the original Mye is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Oakville in the Lakeshore and Trafalgar area. It is located in what looks like an old house and they have modernized it by partitioning the dining room off with glass. We had the exact same seven course-tasting menu as we had in Mye 2 with just one difference at the original Mye. There was a crab claw in my sunomono salad, which Mye 2 didn't have. The location of this Mye restaurant with the combination of the fresh crab claw makes this location just an inch better than Mye 2!

1. Culaccino Bar & Kitchen


This hip Italian bar-slash-gastropub is one of the newest along Brant St., taking over the former Eatalia spot. I found this place while strolling downtown ... the stunning aesthetic caught my eye so I went in to find out more, quickly realizing it's Burlington's best-kept burger secret. Just order The Burger and wait for it to arrive. Take in the glorious horseshoe-shaped bar and industrial light fixtures and wooden chairs with colourful legs. Try not to drool over the food or decor. Decked out between a bun with black-and-white sesame seeds you'll find a thick grilled patty made in-house, like everything on the curated menu. It's wrapped in prosciutto and drowned in melted Gorgonzola and served with frites and house-made ketchup, which tastes so healthy it feels as if I'm eating clean for just a split second. A few bites in, I had to put The Burger down and just nod at it to convey appreciation and respect. The friendly owner, Jerod, and staff work hard to provide a stellar experience. Chase the Spaghetti Carbonara - featuring pasta made in-house, plus double-smoked bacon, garlic, arugula, and parmesan - with suds ... they've got craft beer on beer on beer on beer -- nearly 100 varieties.

Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Oakville, Burlington, Milton: April 6-12

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