Top 5 Places to Get an Amazing Cookie in Burlington

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October 19, 2017 at 6:29 pm

This link must immediately be sent to all of the Burlington cookie monsters in your life. They’ll thank you with a gazillion exclamation marks and perhaps even gift you a box of cookies from one of these remarkable establishments. (I still wonder why the cookies at Subway always tasted so good … haven’t had one in years, and I won’t be getting one anytime soon — especially not after finding all of these yummy places to pig out when a serious cookie craving hits!) Anyway, here are the top 5 places to get an amazing cookie in the city.

5. Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

It’s nutrient-dense food that’ll satisfy those cravings when you’re supposed to be eating clean. Guilt-free ingredients – which happen to be vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free – are the premise behind the offerings at this charming little shoppe by the mom-and-daughter duo who opened Kindfood, now named Lettuce Love (where they still serve a few dessert options). The Skinny Cookie *with chocolate* is a must-have whenever I visit Kelly’s. It’s made with bananas, rolled oats, and sunflower seed butter. Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie serve up incredible treats – using ingredients such as organic cocoa, applesauce, lemons, peppermint oil, espresso beans, agave and coconut – which you can split with your friends from Pilates.

4. Walker’s Chocolates

This long-time Burlington chocolate shop bakes cookies. Try Bittersweet with Pecans and Milk Chocolate Chunk. That’s all you need to know, if you’ve got a short attention span. If you’re still reading, while you’re there, you MUST pick up the most incredible dark chocolate almond bark I’ve ever tasted. Then there are the Mint Meltaways, their signature minty-filled chocolate treat, available in milk or dark, that’s perfect as an after-dinner treat. I dare you to eat just one. This candy shop opened in 1983 and has everything you could ever imagine: chocolate-covered popcorn, sour keys (!!!!!), jubes, licorice, and even Irish Oreos. In addition to the flagship store on Fairview, there are three more locations: one in Oakville and two in Hamilton … sweet!

3. MollyCake

Delicious treats are in store for anyone who wanders into MollyCake, where everything is made from scratch. I sampled their top three sellers … The Cookie (with white, milk, and dark chocolate and pieces of Skor), a peanut butter banana cupcake, and macarons (I chose pistachio and lemon). The Cookie was ridiculously amazing. The shop, which has been on Brant St. for about three years (they’ve relocated from the city’s north end) offers great service and wonderfully tasty treats. There was even a vegan offering: a peanut butter cup with dark chocolate that’s “better than Reese’s,” I was told. Were they right? You’ll have to go down there yourself to find out.

2. JC’s Hot Bagels

Who needs Montreal or New York City when there’s JC’s? The cookies – Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chunk, and Peanut Buttter – by the cash register are unbelievably scrumptious. They’re made in-house and are soft, chewy, and beg for a tall glass of milk to wash’em down. Basically, wear stretchy pants when you go. You’ll find it in the Roseland Plaza on New St. And oh yeah, their bagels are baked fresh daily, and sold out, all the time, really … which is remarkable considering there’s a Tim’s next door. JC’s has been hitting that carb-craving since March 1996. Fair-trade coffee is served alongside options such as the Ham and Egg sandwich, and my favourite Everything Bagel with Smoked Salmon and Spinach Cream Cheese (finished off with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and sprouts). Bagels are also sold by the baker’s dozen (go on Wednesdays!) and include favourites such as cheddar and poppyseed. And we can’t talk about J.C.’s without mentioning their handmade cream cheese, which is also sold by the tub. 

1. Clarke’s Home Style Bakery

This long-running bakery on Mt. Forest Dr. has been satisfying sweet tooths in the north end for 20 years (and the original owners are still on board!). With meat pies (steak, ground beef, chicken), muffins (carrot is delicious), eclairs, cookies (fantastic — all of them, including Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chip), and cakes (simple selection), it offers a great variety of sweets. But my favourite items are the Chocolate Chip Cookie, Peach Pie and the Currant Crisps (puff pastry with sugar) which make me think my uncle and aunt who live closeby would enjoy them with their 3 p.m. chai and so I’ll have to return to drop off a bag for them on the weekend. As for the cookies … several of each, but an extra dozen chocolate, please! Keep in mind, though, it’s a tad expensive. Prices aren’t visibly listed, so don’t be surprised when your bill winds up being $50. Service is great.

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