Top 5 Restaurant Desserts in Oakville

Finding delectable desserts in Oakville is easy enough — there are plenty of options, whether you’re downtown, in Bronte, or Kerr Village. But sometimes a restaurant just blows your mind with their apres-dinner offerings. Trust … we’ve experienced this on numerous occasions while dining our way through O-Town. Some are predictable, others are unconventional. Either way, you’ve got to try them all. Here are our top 5 restaurant desserts in Oakville.

5. Paradiso

It’s hot, crunchy, and has an oh-so-super-sweet filling. The Salted Pecan Caramel Tart is Paradiso’s top-selling dessert for a reason, and it’s made in-house. It’s served with French vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. While some say ‘the more sugar, the better,’ I had to tap out after a few bites. This is the perfect treat to share with a couple of girlfriends, or a significant other. Bottom line: you can’t go wrong. Pro tip: Ask for a few forks!

Sugar rating: Over the top.

4. The Gingerman Social Eatery

Desserts are a popular item at this Kerr Village pub, which opened in October 2011. Like everything on the menu, they’re made in-house. We went with the Drunk Stix — a unique dish pairing fried pita with whipped cream and strawberries with French vanilla ice cream. It’s messy, it’s sticky, and it’s seriously fun. Kids will love it, obviously, and your inner child will thank you for not being so uptight about the mess. Also on the apres-dinner menu: Creme Brulee (with whipped cream and a mini gingerbread man), Butterscotch Cheesecake, Deep-Fried Mars Bars, and White Chocolate and Cranberry Bread Pudding.

Sugar rating: Moderate.

3. Trattoria Timone

Location, location, location. This long-time east-end favourite has a (posh, not kitschy) nautical theme, and it’s elegant and fun all wrapped in one. Plus, it’s located in the Oakville Entertainment Centrum - which we know isn’t an easy location for restos, or patrons trying to park. But this one is still going strong, making it the optimal place to start your night (dinner and a movie, everyone? ... try driving into the Centrum around 8 p.m. on a weekend!) Head chef/owner Michel Fronteddu’s team uses the freshest, finest ingredients to hand-craft artisanal cuisine. Churning gelato is no exception. The pistachio flavour is unbelievably delightful and makes me want to order another scoop before leaving … because there’s always room for house-made Italian treats. The resto also has a dedicated bar/lounge area, making it the perfect spot for martinis and appetizers, with plush seating throughout. A massive renovation has only made this place better. Service is stellar, and so is essentially everything on the menu.

Sugar rating: Moderate.

2. Pasquale’s Trattoria

This restaurant on Lakeshore takes me back into time … when owners came out of the back to chat with you, shake your hand, and thank you for visiting. The owner, Pasquale, did just that. He’s old-school, and I’m charmed. Pasquale says his father ran Ristorante Pinocchio (in Etobicoke at Dundas and Islington) for decades and that’s where he began washing dishes at age 12. Pasquale recommends the Mascarpone, and it’s absolutely amazing. Its airy texture is complemented by strawberries, and I detect a hint of booze -- Grand Marnier, it turns out. Pasquale’s opened in 2009 and the food and service is wonderful. You must go.

Sugar rating: Moderate.

1. Bru Restaurant

Head downtown to ‘restaurant row’ and ask for the Lemon Pavlova. This gluten-free treat includes meringue, mousse, and pomegranate seeds as garnish. It’s light and even though it’s not something typically up my alley, we polished it off pretty quick. This trendy gastropub is gaining popularity among craft beer enthusiasts (there are more than 15 varieties) and night owls alike. Desserts, such as pies, are made in-house (well, if we’re splitting hairs, they’re made next door at Seasons — same owners) and offer the same upscale post-dinner indulgence you’d expect, except it’s served in a casual atmosphere. Go down to Lakeshore and try the best restaurant dessert in Oakville! (And should you decide to stay longer, try the Cubano sandwich — the kitchen keeps it 100).

Sugar rating: Mild.

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