Farms across the province have fruits getting ready to be picked.
Burlington’s most awesome claim to fame is getting a shout out from former U.S.
If you're looking to treat yo'self, why not splurge on a luxurious place to stay the night?
From Oakville to Burlington to Milton and Halton Hills, there’s a pretty strong roster of exceptional indie cafes that offer everything from excellent brews to tasty sweets to impressive T-shirts.
So you’re looking for a place to get spooked. 
They're drawn to Brant St. for obvious reasons but hipsters are now leaving coconut oil stains across Oakville, Burlington, and Milton. From Lakeshore Rd. to Kerr St.
There are too many times I’d love to toss my phone into Lake Ontario and/or smash it with a sledgehammer and throw the pieces into a bonfire — since this would ruin many, many lives, I suppose a #
Milton is no longer that place you visited once for a school trip to Kelso.The little town is quickly turning into a young, vibrant community (we’re looking at you, Sauga heads).
Here are some random things about Oakville you probably didn’t know — they may even win you a bar bet or two in the future. If so, you owe us a beer!
You - yes you - you are long overdue to treat yo’self!