It’s no secret that Burlington has ample — and beautiful — outdoor space that’s perfect for everything from dog-walking to hiking to sightseeing.
Milton is changing, and fast.
I remember discovering the goodness that is Chudleigh’s — but had no idea it was from Halton! 
Milton is green - though it’s slowly turning orange! - and has many well-preserved outdoors destinations to offer for residents and visitors alike.
With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to start visiting local farmer and food markets.
So we’re on the verge of autumn, or harvest season, in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Halton Hills, and I’m legit daydreaming about cranberries, squash, plums, and pears. Since most of
Fall is just down the street and around the corner - the first day of fall is September 22 this year!
If you’re looking for something fun to do with a group of friends, look no further.
Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Halton Hills are gorgeous, but everyone needs a change of scenery from time to time.
If you've ever wanted to live like royalty, now's your chance.