Town of Oakville Seeks Input From Residents


Oakville residents are being asked to provide feedback on transportation and municipal stormwater networks covered under the Livable Oakville Plan.

A meeting is being hosted by the Town of Oakville’s planning and development council on Sept. 11.

A recommendation report will be presented by the planning services department regarding the proposed official plan amendment.

The primary purpose and effect of the proposed official plan amendment is to modify the text and schedules of the Livable Oakville Plan to implement the transportation and municipal stormwater networks approved through the Midtown Oakville Transportation and Stormwater Class Environmental Assessment (“Midtown EA”), and to provide a revised local road network within Midtown Oakville.

The proposed amendment also includes changes to:

  • update the Transportation Network south of Dundas Street with new, future and realigned roads from the town’s Transportation Master Plan, Switching Gears, and Halton Region’s Transportation Master Plan.
  • implement the Midtown Parking Strategy and Designing Midtown by updating the parking and urban design related policies for Midtown Oakville.
  • address the Midtown Oakville Mobility Hub Study (Metrolinx).
  • clarify the intent of certain policies related to Midtown Oakville as well as the Utility designation.
  • apply a Utility designation to the existing utility corridor and some adjacent Metrolinx property north of the railway in Midtown Oakville, and on those lands permit transit-oriented and transit-supportive facilities and uses that provide for the protection of the underground utilities, and building heights compatible with the utility corridor.
  • adjust the boundaries of the Lyons, Trafalgar and Chartwell Districts in Midtown Oakville, as well as the adjacent land use and building height designations, to align with changes to the transportation network in Midtown Oakville.

The proposed amendment will result in changes to the following parts of the Livable Oakville Plan: Section 8 (Utilities); Section 20 (Midtown Oakville); Schedule C (Transportation Network); Schedule I (Central Land Use); Schedule J (East Land Use); and, Schedules L1, L2 and L3 (Midtown Oakville Land Use, Building Heights and Transportation Network).

The proposed amendment described above replaces the previously proposed “Midtown Oakville OPA” (2014), and is different in scope.

The Sept. 11 meeting begins at 7 p.m. in Town Hall’s council chamber.

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