Ontario is implementing a few tweaks to the distracted driving laws.

As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been outside at all this week, the weather is getting colder, and winter is approaching.

Armstrong Avenue in Halton Hills will be closed November 9.

Burlington is continuing to work towards making transit more viable of an option for people who don’t drive but need to get around the city.

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Burlington is attempting to make improvements to transit, in an effort to make traversing the city more accessible for those who do not or choose not to drive a car.

From late October until early November, Brant Street will be completely closed at Lakeshore Road in Burlington for construction.

Fans of fall have plenty of things to enjoy during the season, there’s Thanksgiving—a great time to catch up with family and enjoy some delicious home-cooking, there’s Halloween—when you can get yo

Uber recently announced they will be enforcing more stringent screening processes to ensure riders can expect a safe trip.

Are you looking for a spooky attraction to head to this month to celebrate Halloween? You can’t go wrong with these attractions.