Truck pulled over in Oakville a ‘ticking time bomb,’ say police after inspection


Published May 10, 2023 at 5:26 pm

Halton Regional Police pulled over this black pickup truck on Wednesday afternoon and upon further inspection it was pulled off the road. HRPS IMAGES

A black pickup truck pulled over in Oakville on Wednesday afternoon (May 10) left Halton Regional Police aghast to the condition it was in.

“By far the worst truck I have ever inspected,” said Halton police Cst. and Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspector Marc Taraso, who credited a fellow officer for spotting the vehicle and pulling it over.

“The truck was a ticking time bomb to kill someone,” said Cst. Taraso on Twitter. “Plates removed, marked unfit, towed, driver to court.”

A 32-year-old driver from Stoney Creek has been charged and suspended. Police say he was driving while under suspension, driving an unsafe vehicle with no muffler and unnecessary noise.

Other issues with the truck, police say, include an insecure load, dangerous load not secured, no brake light, no current validation and fail to surrender permit.

“It’s going to be coming off the road today,” said Cst. Taraso.

In different videos, Taraso explained the long list of issues including missing wheel fasteners on multiple tires and a broken main leaf spring

“The truck is being held together with zip ties and ratchet straps,” he said.

There is a completely inoperative break. A brake caliper

has been completely removed.

“There’s no brake operating on this wheel at all,” Taraso said on the video pointing to a wheel.

Taraso said upon inspection underneath the truck he found the exhaust has been completely separated.

“It’s not connected at all,” he said. “There’s no working muffler.”

Underneath the body is completely rested out, including underneath the truck bed.

“It’s being held with plywood,” he pointed out. “The body is completely rotting away. It’s got more spray foam than anything else.

“It’s got license plates being used to hold the body together and that’s on both sides of the truck. Just complete rot.”

Taraso and Halton police received praise on Twitter for getting the truck off the road.

“Wow!!!,” tweeted one follower. “That truck should have a one-way ticket to the scrap yard.”

Another one expressed surprise on how the truck could have been in operation.

“How’d that truck stay on the road at all,” tweeted another person. What a great catch. Well done. Thanks for making our roads safer.”

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