Two new Oakville fire stations on tap in new Fire Master Plan


Published April 30, 2024 at 4:57 pm

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The Oakville Fire Department received delivery of its new pumper truck on Tuesday (Apr. 30). DEPENDABLE EMERGENCY VEHICLES PHOTO

As Oakville grows, so does the Oakville Fire Department.

Local Town Council approved a new Fire Master Plan to guide delivery of fire services in Oakville and as usual a big goal of the new 10-year plan (2024-2033) is to ensure fire and emergency services keep in step with the growth of the community.

Increasing the number of service-ready reserve units in maintaining Council-approved level of service is one of the key areas outlined in the fire plan that is reviewed and updated every five years.

The plan also includes the addition of two new fire stations to enhance fire response opportunities. That would bring the number of stations in Oakville to 11.

“As Oakville grows and welcomes new businesses while existing ones expand, the role of fire and emergency services remains vital,” said Oakville Mayor Rob Burton. “The new Fire Master Plan builds on the hard work of our dedicated fire service staff, ensuring they can continue to deliver high-quality fire services to our thriving community.”

The Fire Master Plan says the town is a 10-year framework that identifies objectives, strategies, goals and recommendations for fire prevention, education, and response to protect the community.

Other key areas of focus include:

  • Optimize public education and fire prevention programs, the first two lines of defence, and the use of fire safety standards and fire code enforcement as a strategic priority for risk reduction within the community
  • Expand resources for fire prevention, fire suppression and emergency management response
  • Expand fire training and fire certification programs to stay up to date as fire-related risks evolve and meet legislation

“I am proud of the exceptional and inclusive work of our fire service team in safeguarding our community’s people, property, and the environment,” said Oakville Fire Chief Paul Boissonneault. “With Oakville poised to see more growth in the next decade, the fire strategic goals laid out in the new Fire Master Plan will guide us towards more effective and efficient levels of services, and continuous improvements for our cherished community.”

On Tuesday (Apr. 30), the Oakville Fire Department received delivery of a new custom pumper truck built by Dependable Emergency Vehicles in Brampton.

“We are confident it will serve your community well and allow your firefighters to continue their life-saving work,” said the Brampton business in a post on social media.

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