Upcoming Road Closures to be Aware of in Burlington


Residents should be aware of which roads are planned to be closed during an upcoming event in Burlington.

The Around the Bay Road Race will be taking place this Sunday (March 31) from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The following road closures will be in effect throughout the event:

  • QEW Toronto-bound exit ramp to North Shore Boulevard East. Detour via Fairview Street
  • North Shore Boulevard East Niagara-bound entry ramp to the QEW. Detour via Fairview Street
  • Plains Road West at York Boulevard. Detour via Hwy. 6 and 403

As well as these traffic lane closures:

  • Southbound lane of King Road from Plains Road East to North Shore Boulevard East - local access only. Northbound traffic not affected
  • Eastbound lane of North Shore Boulevard East and North Shore Boulevard West from Plains Road West to the QEW exit ramp west of Joseph Brant Hospital. Westbound lane open to westbound traffic only
  • Eastbound curb lane of Plains Road West from York Boulevard to North Shore Boulevard West. Two-way traffic maintained

Residents should avoid parking their vehicles in the event area, as the city says such vehicles will be tagged or towed to allow emergency access.

Streets will re-open as the last participant passes.

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