Urinals ripped out, playgrounds damaged, part of vandalism at Burlington parks


Published August 3, 2023 at 4:33 pm

Urinal damage from unknown location captured from TikTok video.

Ripping urinals from the wall to meet a challenge is just one act of vandalism the City of Burlington has had to deal with recently.

The challenge was being met through a viral video on TikTok that had been urging the destruction of bathrooms, specifically by attacking urinals and pulling them from the wall.

Washrooms at Lowville Park faced the most destruction by the urinal vandals, but other public restrooms were also targeted.

“We periodically experience vandalism, probably the most recent one was when there was a TikTok challenge to rip urinals off the walls of things, it was like so many ridiculous things on social media that people do,” revealed Mayor Marianne Meed Ward when asked about vandalism in the city by inhalton.com. “And they happened to target Lowville Park in our rural area and some others.”

Bathroom trashing seemed to have peeked about a year ago across North America with many schools having to deal with the issue as well as those responsible for public toilets. Recently, reports indicate the video challenge has returned and is being carried out.

Vandals have also made their presence felt recently at Leighland Park and Central Park where damage has slowed construction projects and led to the closure of a playground.

“We are not immune, unfortunately, to vandalism and stupidity and downright disrespect for public property,” continued the mayor.

Meed Ward asked those who are responsible to stop.

“Ultimately you’re going to pay for that (damage) yourself through property taxes when we have to repair it.,” she said. “Just don’t do it. Enjoy the parks and level them for other people as well to enjoy.”



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