Veterinary clinic approved for where iconic Burlington restaurant once operated


Published April 12, 2023 at 12:00 pm

An artistic concept of the veterinary clinic and training centre that will be built in Burlington.

A large veterinary clinic and training centre has been approved for the site where Tucker’s Marketplace once operated in Burlington.

The facility will be located at 3110 South Service Rd.

The development will first see the demolition of the Tucker’s Marketplace building and the creation of a three-storey structure with the pet clinic on the first floor and a training facility for future veterinarians as well as office space on the upper levels.

Total floor area for the complex will be 5,156 square meters with 1,439 square meters of floor space dedicated to the veterinary clinic.

Parking space will be available at the ground level for 163 vehicles and 34 bicycles.

Tucker’s Marketplace was once a thriving and popular dining spot for Burlington residents with a presence that could be seen from the QEW.

The location closed — as did most of the restaurant chain — in June of 2020 with operators saying the restaurant fell victim to the pandemic.

A statement released by the restaurant chain at the time indicated that it wasn’t expecting customers to return as frequently as they did in the past in a post-pandemic world.




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