VIDEO: Here’s What the 20+ Vehicle Pileup Looked Like in Milton


Shortly before 12 p.m. today (Feb. 13) Sgt Kerry Schmidt reported via Twitter that a collision had occurred on the 401 heading westbound near Kelso and Highway 25 in Milton.

The collision blocked on lanes on the 401 in the area.

Initially, the number of vehicles involved in the collision was unknown. There were reports of 10 or 40 vehicles being involved.

Later, around 12:15 p.m., Schmidt took to Twitter again to report that around 20 vehicles, including transport trucks, were involved.

There was about 10 km of backed up traffic.

No serious injuries were reported and people were encouraged to avoid the area.

A heavy tow came on scene to straighten out some of the vehicles involved in the pileup.

Just before 2 p.m. Schmidt reported that traffic was starting to move.

Shortly after Schmidt reported that traffic was flowing again.

It was reported just after 2:10 p.m. that all lanes were open again.

Stay safe out there, Halton.

All photos and videos are courtesy of Sgt Kerry Schmidt.

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