A hockey game involving young players turned violent when players began to brawl on the ice.

Cats - you either love them, or you have strong feelings against them.

If you have young children watching videos on Youtube, this may be yet another reason to closely monitor what they’re watching.

Flying out for Christmas is exciting, but it’s also stressful.

Did you know that the GTA was the site of a top secret video shoot involving hockey, Sidney Crosby and a very special hockey team from Kenya?

If you weren’t aware, now you know!

Eleven baby opossums have been rescued and saved.

There is no moment like one that’s caught on video and immortalized on the internet forever—and Oakville, Burlington, and Milton had a lot of those this year.

If there’s one animal that’s been getting a great deal of attention lately, it’s the urban coyote.

A video showing yesterday’s Burlington crash has come to light.

From wild turkey chases to people driving their cars backwards in the wrong lanes, anything is possible in Brampton.