MAYORS CHAT: Burlington Mayor chats COVID-19 vaccinations, new parks, and more

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January 19, 2022 at 6:37 pm

Khaled Iwamura chats with Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward about COVID-19 vaccinations, new parks, and more.


  • When will all the roads, sidewalks and bus shelters be cleared of snow in Burlington?
  • Why doesn’t the city clear windrows? (end of the driveway snowplows pileup)
  • Are there any new vaccination centres opening in Burlington?
  • Yesterday all vaccination appointments got cancelled…does this cause a bottle neck for appointments this week?
  • Burlington decided to institute a full vaccine mandate for city staff. What changed?
  • Do you think gyms and indoor dining will open next week?
  • Burlington will be upgrading a dozen parks this year…any one you want to highlight?
  • Tell us what the new Sweetgrass Park means to you and Burlington?
  • Why didn’t Burlington support Brampton’s call to help fund the fight against the racist Bill 21 in Quebec?
  • The Olympics are around the corner. Anything you want to say to the two local women named to the hockey team, Renata Fast and Emma Maltais? Are you a fan of the Winter Olympics?
  • The idea of inclusionary zoning for future developments popped up recently. How likely do you think something like that will be implemented into the city’s growth plan around the GO stations?
  • Will Spencer Smith Park have summer events?
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