Watch: New video promotes Burlington’s climate action plan


Published February 22, 2024 at 1:43 pm

A recently released video outlines the steps Burlington is taking to combat climate change.

Titled Taking action on climate, the short film describes the steps that need to be taken to reduce greenhouse gas admissions and how to adapt to the changing weather conditions.

A message from Take Action Burlington notes that climate change is more than melting ice caps.

“It’s about our homes, our communities, and our future,” is the message used to introduce the video.

Take Action Burlington goes on to explain that small actions can lead to big environmental impacts.

“Whether it’s reducing single-use plastics, making the switch to active and sustainable modes of transportation, replacing your gas or diesel vehicle with an electric vehicle, replacing your furnace with an air source heat pump, naturalizing your garden to attract pollinators, taking steps to reduce your risk of flooding, or advocating for sustainable, climate-friendly policies – every effort counts!”

In 2019, Burlington declared a climate emergency to deepen the City’s commitment to protecting the economy, environment and community from climate change and apply a climate lens to our plans and actions.

Take Action Burlington is a group that sprang from a 2010 climate change summit and includes community members along with City of Burlington staff.


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