Oakville is changing, steadily growing from a quaint bedroom community to a bustling town with a population of more than 193,832 people--people who are seemingly more diverse, more educated and more

A bus route Milton Transit that was running into more rural parts of town is coming to an end by the end of 2017 — and there will be no replacement for it in the new year.

The empty storefronts in downtown Oakville are bleak, depressing and in stark contrast to the scenic surroundings, punctuated by the adorable Towne Square and its amazing food offerings.

Residents in west Burlington are up in arms over the plans of a nearby brick manufacturer to cut down trees behind their homes, a move that, according to residents, could have long lasting environm

I pulled into a spot and sat in my car on Dunn St. then paid for parking, watching an elderly couple fumble at the meter in downtown Oakville.

You will never guess which show was shot in Canada, or Halton Region, for that matter. It could possibly change the way you watch TV. It involves a new spinoff prequel series.

The last time my friend Hans was in town we wound up at Spencer Smith Park, stumbling upon Louise, a stone bench which was a gift from one of Burlington’s twin cities, Apeldoorn (the other is Itaba

Easy, Killer — his memoir bares all about on-and-off-the-ice exploits and escapades, including why he didn’t want to leave the Leafs for the Canucks, and now Canadian legend and Hockey Hall of Fam

This. Is. So. Exciting.

One of my most favourite places in Halton is teaming up with Pizza Pizza for a heavenly treat.

An Oakville resident is one of six people who are going to be collecting stamps in their passports after winning a dream vacation.