It’s-a me, Mario!

Ever wish you could go back in time and and reminisce about what Oakville used to look like? Well, time travel still doesn't exist, but we have the next best thing: Technology.

Just when people are letting the idea of one downtown high rise condo coming across from Burlington City Hall

Burlington real estate isn’t exactly cheap these days, and we all know that affordable homes are, for the most part, few and far between.

There are too many times I’d love to toss my phone into Lake Ontario and/or smash it with a sledgehammer and throw the pieces into a bonfire — since this would ruin many, many lives, I suppose a #

We all know that Oakville real estate doesn’t come cheap and that affordable homes are, for the most part, few and far between.

If you have a case of the blahs this February, you're not alone. The up-and-down weather in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills lately is enough to make anyone need a vacation.

Here are some random things about Oakville you probably didn’t know — they may even win you a bar bet or two in the future. If so, you owe us a beer!

Millennials and Gen-Z kids aren’t exactly lifers when it comes to the workforce.

That’s old news.

So how do companies attract - and retain- them?

It’s been more than seven years, Milton drivers, but if you’re still panicking when you’re going through a roundabout, we’ve got you.