Bibliophiles make the best company, don’t we?

There’s always something interesting to discuss, debate, ponder.

Anyone who pays attention to Oakville and Burlington's commendable food scene knows that the town and city boasts an enviable array of dining establishments offering everything from dirt cheap (but

The empty storefronts in downtown Oakville are bleak, depressing and in stark contrast to the scenic surroundings, punctuated by the adorable Towne Square and its amazing food offerings.

I pulled into a spot and sat in my car on Dunn St. then paid for parking, watching an elderly couple fumble at the meter in downtown Oakville.

You will never guess which show was shot in Canada, or Halton Region, for that matter. It could possibly change the way you watch TV. It involves a new spinoff prequel series.

Being so close to Toronto, it’s easy to forget that Burlington has its own arts and culture scene made up of mindfully curated galleries, incredible local talent and expansive performance centres.<

We know, we know - you're still coping with the sadness that came with the announcement that Sears is officially closing all stores - including its Oakville Place location - and eliminating 12

The cold is here (did you see the flurries on Thursday night?) and the holidays are upon us!

When you’re looking for a great spot to eat in Burlington or beyond, there’s a very good chance you’re going straight to the burger section on the menu.

Halloween is creeping forward (get it?), so it's time for you to get your costume together!