Burlington is known for winning and twinning — one of its sister cities is Itabashi, Japan (a suburban ward in Tokyo)

Like it or not (don’t even front …

Bibliophiles make the best company, don’t we?

There’s always something interesting to discuss, debate, ponder.

Anyone who pays attention to Oakville and Burlington's commendable food scene knows that the town and city boasts an enviable array of dining establishments offering everything from dirt cheap (but

We’ve said it many times and we’ll say it again--we would put Oakville and Burlington’s restaurant scene up against anyone else’s.

There is no moment like one that’s caught on video and immortalized on the internet forever—and Oakville, Burlington, and Milton had a lot of those this year.

A bus route Milton Transit that was running into more rural parts of town is coming to an end by the end of 2017 — and there will be no replacement for it in the new year.

The empty storefronts in downtown Oakville are bleak, depressing and in stark contrast to the scenic surroundings, punctuated by the adorable Towne Square and its amazing food offerings.

Residents in west Burlington are up in arms over the plans of a nearby brick manufacturer to cut down trees behind their homes, a move that, according to residents, could have long lasting environm

I pulled into a spot and sat in my car on Dunn St. then paid for parking, watching an elderly couple fumble at the meter in downtown Oakville.