Promise made, promise kept?

Burlington’s most awesome claim to fame is getting a shout out from former U.S.

Burlington is known for winning and twinning — one of its sister cities is Itabashi, Japan (a suburban ward in Tokyo)

Yes, you read that headline correctly—yoga with pygmy goats (the adorable little barnyard animals) is coming to Burlington.

There are too many times I’d love to toss my phone into Lake Ontario and/or smash it with a sledgehammer and throw the pieces into a bonfire — since this would ruin many, many lives, I suppose a #

Here are some random things about Oakville you probably didn’t know — they may even win you a bar bet or two in the future. If so, you owe us a beer!

You won’t be able to resist stopping and smelling the roses in Burlington this summer.

It’s soon approaching and we absolutely can’t wait.

Chocolate chip cookie dough. Oreo. M&Ms. Strawberry cheesecake. And even - it’s back - Smarties!

It’s-a me, Mario!

Just when people are letting the idea of one downtown high rise condo coming across from Burlington City Hall