You will never guess which show was shot in Canada, or Halton Region, for that matter. It could possibly change the way you watch TV. It involves a new spinoff prequel series.

Easy, Killer — his memoir bares all about on-and-off-the-ice exploits and escapades, including why he didn’t want to leave the Leafs for the Canucks, and now Canadian legend and Hockey Hall of Fam

This. Is. So. Exciting.

One of my most favourite places in Halton is teaming up with Pizza Pizza for a heavenly treat.

An Oakville resident is one of six people who are going to be collecting stamps in their passports after winning a dream vacation.

One last attempt was made by Burlington residents to change councillors’ minds regarding a 23-storey condominium to be erected directly across from City Hall. 

The Oakville Arena has been a long established local institution.

Burlington's downtown has been designated as one of the major planning growth areas by the Ontario government.

A long-standing popular family restaurant in Oakville is going to be moving sooner than later.

Fall seems to be almost everyone’s favourite time of year and it’s somewhat (only somewhat) easy to see why.

Aside from the small hamlets of Brookville, Campbellville and Moffat, the vast